Southend On Sea, From The Pier 1898

Memories of Southend-on-Sea

I spent most of my childhood here, taught myself to swim and then to dive as I stood on the steps and gradually got higher and higher until I was able to stand on the side to dive , then onto the springboard. I had a season ticket which used to run from May to September and you were able to go twice a day on (...Read full memory)

My mum visited Southend-on-Sea during her childhood years.  She was born in 1917.  Her family made a day trip there once per year, on public transport.  They could only afford one visit per year because they were poor.  I was more fortunate and visited there regularly with my parents throughout my (...Read full memory)

We moved to Southend during 1944 and stayed there for about a year till May 1945. A group of boys who lived in Cheltenham Avenue, off York Road and myself decided to take a boat to the boating lake where Adventure Land is now As we were walking along the front prom when we were approached by a (...Read full memory)

I can remember during the 50's and 60's every weekend during the summer coaches lined up all the way from Gasworks Bridge right up to the pier.  

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