Old Maps of Stanstead Abbotts

Historic Maps of Stanstead Abbotts and the local area.

I am looking for my sister Betty Hills, taken to Easneye Childern's Home in approximately 1952, later to be adopted by Cyril William Groom and his wife Eileen Mary Groom, her birth mother was Grace Florence Hills [Dec]. Betty was last heard of living in Bognor Regis in Sussex under the name of Ruth Grimshaw. I have (...Read full memory)

Between July 1966 and December 1970 I was one of the two policemen living in Stanstead. By the time I moved to the village, double white lines had been painted all the way up Cats Hill. I reported a number of car drivers who took a chance and overtook slow moving lorries going up the hill, sometimes narrowly (...Read full memory)