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Caption for Tilford, Bridge 1909: Two arms of the River Wey meet here, and an ancient bridge spans each arm. The bridges were almost certainly constructed by the monks of nearby Waverley Abbey, which was built in 1128. It was the first Cistercian abbey in England, and was dissolved in 1536. For years its stones were robbed for other buildings, but its ruins still give a glimpse of how it would have once looked.

Memories of Tilford

I spent some happy times whilst a boarder at Sheephatch Camp School, Tilford. I was staying there in the very bad winter of 1947 when we were snowed in for several weeks. Had long walks in the snow to Crooksbury Hill, Frensham Ponds and the surrounding countryside. We were all non-the-worse for our (...Read full memory)

In 1920 the Hawkins family came to Canada. My grandfather was Edward Hawkins, known in the family as Ted. He had been the head gardener at the Whitmead estate. He and my grandmother Clarissa, had 5 children. Robert Montague, who served as signaler in the great war in Salonika, Helen (also known as Nellie) (...Read full memory)

Both as a child and with my own children a lovely place to paddle and have lunch

My mother and father taught at Sheephatch from 1947 to 1956. The figure on the right hand side of this photograph with her back to the camera looks distinctly like my mother, Elizabeth Davies. Could it be her?

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