Tring, St Peter And St Paul's Church c.1960

Memories of Tring, St Peter and St Paul's Church c1960

I was born at Aylesbury Hospital in 1948 and lived briefly at Pitstone, then Tring in Park Road and later Western Road. My Parents, Grandparents and many other relatives lived in the town. I attended Gravelly infant school in Park Road then Tring C of E Junior school under the headship of Miss Baker, who we were all terrified (...Read full memory)

Tring hosts a lovely Christmas shopping evening each year when the High Street is decorated, the shop windows have illuminated Christmas displays and stay open late and the place is transformed into a fairyland of old-fashioned entertainment and street traders.  There are hot (...Read full memory)

My brother Colin Lyall was christened in this beautiful church at the end of the summer of 1963. My parents, Val and Frank emmigrated to South Africa in 1967, with 3 small children. Robert (Rob) Jane and Colin. I wonder if anyone remembers us. We lived in Fantail Lane. My grandparents Kitty and Bob Lyall lived at the top (...Read full memory)

My grandmother was born in Tring in the late 1800s and was married in Tring Church on Christmas Day in 1909.  Her grandfather was a very peculiar character and had to be taken to the village pump for his weekly wash and he used to sit on the wall to jeer at  the churchgoers.  He was known as Grampy Rodwell.  Once a week free (...Read full memory)

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