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Andover Photographic Memories

Andover Photographic Memories

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Caption for Andover, Town Station 1908: These passengers have just alighted from a train out of Southampton. Lord Beeching closed this branch line in 1964. Its 22-mile length became a track known as the Test Way, which can now be walked from Andover all the way to Southampton Water.

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Memories of Andover

I attended Andover Grammar School from 1952 until 1956 and must admit that the swimming pool was my favorite part of the school. I have fond memories of the friends I made there, a lot of whom I am still in touch with. My father was a great angler and Mr. Dreghorn our geography teacher asked if anyone (...Read full memory)

I was stationed in the RE's in Andover - Barton Stacey camp. Remember shopping in 'International Stores' supermarket as they had good looking girls ! I also recall being in a cafe when some of the Troggs came in. Happy days, must return for a visit some day.

Does anyone know where this was in Andover? My grandparents lived there.

We lived at Anton Mill House above Rooksberry Mill on the River Anton. My father kept cattle during the war in a field below the level crossing and I had to cycle after school to pump water for them in the field. The crossing only served the mill and came down from the Salisbury Road. Sterling Poultry owned the land behind the crossing house.

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