Beccles, Blyburgate c.1955

Memories of Beccles

Location: Burgh St Peter, Beccles: My sister and brother-in-law (Ronald and Shirley Miller), owned a small timber cottage above the dyke on Dicks Mount during 1960-1970's. It was a charming one or two bedroom cottage and they had a dinghy moored on the dyke. My brother-in-law lived (...Read full memory)

Stafford W Brown was a boarder at Beccles College during WW1. The last three Sundays of every term each had a special feature. First came One Button Sunday, when every boy undid the top button of his jacket for the day. The second was Pinch Pudding Sunday. At lunch, after the main course, jam (...Read full memory)

Playing Cowboys and Indians, down the steps, and along the cliff, after coming out of the old Picture House on a Saturday afternoon, in the Second World War years.

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