Old Maps of Bibury

Historic Maps of Bibury and the local area.

My memories from / about Bibury are: I was born there in Bibury Cotts - 15 April 1947. My parents were married there - George Lacey / Joyce Iles. My grandparents lived at number 8 Arlington Row. My parents marriage was actually a double marriage as my aunt (my mum's sister Josephine) was married at the same time to (...Read full memory)

My great-great-great-grandfather John Luker (1793-1853) was appenticed in 1805, for a period of 9 3/4 years, to Thomas Poole, miller at Arlington by Bibury. He became the first of four generations of millers in Painswick, Stroud and Gloucester. I first visited the mill in the 1950s with my father, when it (...Read full memory)