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Memories of Bletchley, Tree Square c1955

I lived in Bletchley from 1959 to 1964 I lived in Caenarvon crescent and remember the cattle market , the old RAF camp St Mary's church where my two younger brothers were christened, the Shoulder of Mutton pub was there then and I often walked past. I went to Chestnuts combined school then Wilton (...Read full memory)

How interesting to read other people's memories, although I do not recognise any of the names. I lived in the old Shoulder of Mutton from about 1952 until 1964 while my parents were the tenants, they took over from my paternal grandparents. After this we moved across the road to Chandlers Stores which my parents (...Read full memory)

The public house now known as the Three Trees, was originally the old farmhouse and behind it was the barns of the farm which we used to play in. This was the short cut from my house to Chandlers the sweet shop. We got into the house which still had the dairy and two flights of stairs, the old bath tubs were on legs (...Read full memory)

When I first had a memory of this corner of Newton Road and Buckingham Road, the brick-built extension was no longer standing, only the cottage part of the public house. I used to love standing in front of it because it had a verandah and wooden railings like you would find in westerns. My mum often had (...Read full memory)

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