Old Maps of Bletchley

Historic Maps of Bletchley and the local area.

I lived in Bletchley from 1959 to 1964 I lived in Caenarvon crescent and remember the cattle market , the old RAF camp St Mary's church where my two younger brothers were christened, the Shoulder of Mutton pub was there then and I often walked past. I went to Chestnuts combined school then Wilton (...Read full memory)

Was'nt in the WAAF, bit too young, but I was at Bletchley Park in 1950/51, with the Ministry of Aviation, training to be a Teleprinter Op before going to Birdlip Radio Station, and then Croydon Signals Centre. We went one evening to see a production of 'The Desert Song' performed by local RAF personnel, in the village (?) hall at (...Read full memory)