Carshalton, Beeches, Gordon Road c.1965

Memories of Carshalton

I used to go past here every morning on the trolly bus to my school in Wallington. I caught the bus at the stop just before this photograph opposite Wynash gardens but would sometimes walk to the bus stop in the distance of this photo to meet my girlfriend who went to St Philomenas - happy and carefree days

I lived at 3 Piers Cottages on Church Hill from the age of 3 years, they were demolished in the late 1950's at the same time as Orchard Hill Cottages nearby. I earnt some pocket money for assisting the demo' men to transport the roof tiles etc.. I recall the firm was Sid Bishop and sons and the workmen concerned (...Read full memory)

This brings back memories of my Grandmother Daphne telling me how her father's company was responsible for building the war memorial and gardens. Wadcrete, which was based over on the Purley Way (adjacent to the Croydon (London) Airport) was owned and run by the Henson family. They helped re-build swathes of South West London and were also commissioned to build the Webb Estate.

I too remember The Oaks House with fondness. Aged 12 yrs old I used to cycle there from Purley & found a hole in the boarding on a window, so crept inside. The staircase was stunning but damaged, there was a fire hose left trailed down it and I understood that there had been a fire there some time before, so I (...Read full memory)

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