Carshalton, Beeches, Gordon Road c.1965

Memories of Carshalton

My stepfather grew up in Carshalton, and because he had to travel a great deal in his work, I lived on The Causeway in Carshalton with my step-grandmother. I attended Hackbridge Infants School, and Hackbridge School for Girls. I would be very grateful if someone could remember the name of the headmistress of the Hackbridge (...Read full memory)

When I was a child I went to a Sunday School here in this school. Wonder if anyone can remember the Sunday School or even went there?

My family moved to Park Avenue, near Carshalton Park in about 1955. I was about six or so at the time. I used to roller skate in the park and climb the big chestnut trees when the park keeper was not looking. There were old bomb shelters in the park we used to go in, and every summer there was a big funfair, parade and (...Read full memory)

Oh!!! It is absolutely wonderful to find this site. I trained as an RN at St. Helier's Hospital in from 1964-1968. I have lived  in the USA since 1974. I have always wanted to find someone who knew about St. Helier's. I talked with someone about it today and she suggestesd I try the internet, and there it is. I am (...Read full memory)

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