Old Maps of Chesterfield

Historic Maps of Chesterfield and the local area.

I lived on Devonshire Street just off Holywell Cross from 1950 to 1963 and I can still remember the area quite vividly. Devonshire Street was a short cut for workers walking to the Trebor factory. Our landlord, Mr Pashley, had a shop at the top of the street opposite the YMCA. At the bottom of Newbold Rd going towards (...Read full memory)

My grandparents were publicans and ran the Hunloke Arms pub on Derby Road for many years during the 60s and 70s. I was born at Ashgate nursing home and lived in the Chesterfield area until the late 70s when I spread my wings,went to art school and travelled to many parts of the world. I remember many (...Read full memory)