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Memories of Chichester

I attended school in Chichester at St. John's school on East street. I went there from 1947 until 1951. I have many fond memories of my days there; great teachers, my first girlfriend Lesley and the bus ride home to Emsworth.

I remember the Chichester Festival Theatre opening in 1962. I went to see several plays there over the years. One I remember well was The Royal Hunt of the Sun. Later, in the early 70s I worked there for 2 years first running the bookstall and later as an usherette. I met many stars including Tony (...Read full memory)

My late mother Isabelle Grainger (1925-2010) worked at the Royal West Sussex Hospital during the late 1940s early 1950s as secretary to the Matron Miss E.S. Parkinson (later Mrs Buckwell). Whilst working at the hospital my mother met a wonderful friend Brenda Arnell who had trained as an SRN at the hospital. Ms Arnell was later to become my godmother. Sue Tanner

Does anyone exactly remember a new bell or bells being winched in by a very large crane into the tower. My memory as an 9 year old standing outside Morants watching with Dad ( Vicar of Oving then) and younger brother, was it early 1966?.We knew Sam Vigar, who was the cathedral Head of Maintanance, he was running (...Read full memory)

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