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Memories of Chippenham

Final year at school and spent most of may and June at the pool while waiting for our results. Cycled from Christian malford to get there.

For many years morris sides have danced in the streets and pub gardens around Chippenham during the annual folk festival. Its a popular venue in any morris dancer's calendar. Whitethorn Morris and their Whitethorn Band made a trip from their home town of Harrow to join in (...Read full memory)

I fondly recall my days as a late 1950's pupil at the Grammar School on its hill. A bus service was used to ferry pupils like me from the more distant parts of the county. We had a mixed attendance and the headmaster was still Sidney Farrar. I recall a number of the teachers well... namely Frank Harrison (...Read full memory)

I was about 12 when the pool opened and what excitement it brought to us kids of Chippenham. I learnt to swim their with my friends (Margaret Ritchie, Jean West etc. and many more). I remember the bank being covered in sun bathers, people would take picnics and spend the whole day their. There was a shop at (...Read full memory)

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