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Memories of Corringham

The footpath on the left of the picture used to be narrow with a hedgerow and trees running all the way along to the first lamp post on the left. There was a gap in the hedge on the left where a track used to lead to some farm buildings a house. As a toddler while walking to the shops with my mum, I walked up the track (...Read full memory)

The piece of land on the left in the foreground is now a car park with the Ambulance Station and Health Clinic behind. I worked as an Ambulance Man and was based there when it opened, moving from Thurrock Station in Hogg Lane. The Local Traffic Warden, Jean, who lived in Chadwell St Mary, used to pop in for a cuppa (...Read full memory)

Looking towards the very end of the road, it bends left on it's way out towards One Tree Hill and the A13 as at was. When I was about 12 years old I remember that an Eastern National Omnibus, double decker, came round the bend, or didn't,and left the road crashing in to one of the detached houses just in view down on (...Read full memory)

The road branching to the left is Lampits Hill Avenue. The telephone box there used to be used by the local Bobbies in order to check in with their sergeant back at the station. I had a classmate called Russell who's dad was a chimney sweep. Russell was with a friend one afternoon when he saw the Bobby in the phone box (...Read full memory)

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