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Hi I remember your father and your sister Penny, who I saw living locally about 25 years ago. I remember Little Luxford and could have produced the name before you mention it. I had a good friend who lived there just before you. I have memories of the book club, including when stuck I’ll in bed ,asking my younger (...Read full memory)

I came to Crowboroughwhen I was eight in 1942. My father who was in the army had been posted to the area. Initially for a few weeks we rented the Beacon School ( it must have been during the holidays as no one was there ) I particularly remember the gym where there was a vaulting horse and wall bars. We then went to (...Read full memory)

I had the huge displeasure of being sent to Warden House School in Crowborough Sussex. I ran away from the school on several occasions. The head master was Alan H Long. His wife Biddy and two daughters Rosemary and one whose name I cannot remember. It was a dreadful school - actually vile and cruel. If you would like more of the sordid details let me know. Mike

My Mum worked at this Hotel as a barmaid for many years, and behind the pub was a hall used by Henry Fermer school of which i was a pupil. When KIng George V1 died i found out from my Mum in 1951. I attended the above school until 1955 when i went to the Crowborough county secondary school, my favourite (...Read full memory)

In the late 50's, early 60's, my home as a young boy was in the flat above The Book Club (white building on the right). My father worked in The Book Club for an Elese Santoro. Does anyone remember this shop, the owner and has any pics of the shop close up? Unfortunately, when I was 10-ish. I was not into taking photos of old buildings. Nicholas Back

Hello, I wondered if anyone had any pictures or post cards showing Shornbrook Cottage in Green Lane, any memories or information about it would be very welcome.

My sisters went to Whincroft School when we lived in Crowborough. I was at Warden House School for boys (little beasts in reality). I will tell my sisters about this site. One lives in Canada, one in Blandford Forum and I live in London. Date? mid to late 50s. As I have a startling clear memory for trivia, scenes, (...Read full memory)

my time at this school was good.I arrived from Scotland in march 1957 ,I went to Mr Dunn's class.I met Shirley Kent and we got on great .I think it was my Scottish accent that did it.there was a lad called miles also john hugger both lived at rotherfield john became a policeman I easter 1958 (...Read full memory)

How lucky I was to be able to spend many holidays from age 11 at Walsh Manor with the fantastic family the Hemmens. Then Walsh was just a struggling farm, complete with Dolly the very large cart horse, out buildings with broken down stalls, no electric light (until 1952), and other children who spent (...Read full memory)

I heard that there was a book produced of whincroft School East Sussex does anyone know how it can be bought? I have written memories previously I was Hilda foord at school since got married and now .known as Sally McCulloch left whincroft 1953 aged 15 lived in Scotland with my husband for a while (...Read full memory)