Dunstable, The Downs 1924

Memories of Dunstable

Orange rolling, Good Friday afternoon up the 'orange pit'. There used to be crowds of people all chasing little oranges down the hill. Never quite sure what you did if you caught one, I'm sure it wouldn't have been fit to eat! Is this peculiar to Dunstable? I know of cheese rolling, where they chase a double gloucester (...Read full memory)

This was the year my son Kevin was born, we all used to go here usually on a Saturday.  Paul has just died , he was so special to all his family.  While he was in hospital he opened his eyes and said 'I have just been to Dunstable'. He used to work at Waterlows printing factory now long gone (...Read full memory)

Just to the left on the photo was a very small Tesco supermarket, it looked cheap and nasty and we avoided going in there at all costs. How things have changed! In the parade of shops on the left was a trendy gents clothes shop, Crosby's, I think. I know I spent a great deal of my hard earned cash in there. (...Read full memory)

I remember Waitrose from my childhood, every Saturday afternoon I would come here with my parents to do the weekly shop. Then nip over to George Orts for some of their lovely pastries. Little did I realise that I would end up in the bakery trade. Down by the clock there was a large Boots Chemist to the right. There were quite a few shops in The Quadrant but I can not remember many of them.

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