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I lived in East Ham from the time i was born til i was 30 then moved to Essex. Does anyone remember the sweet shop on the way to Burgess Manor. Think it was in the road down the side of The White Horse pub. or may be not. I was at one time friendly with the daughter Stephenie Cradock. Pretty sure she spelt her name with an E (...Read full memory)

We lived in Milton Avenue but moved to Clacton on sea when I was 11 yrs old . , I am now 80 ! I remember walking down Eastham high st. and Mum buying jellied eels from the fish monger on the right hand side above the shop a huge shiny metal fish hung . Somewhere near the Station there was a corner shop and with our ration (...Read full memory)

Remembering old school pals from Burgess Manor 1958/62 . Joyce Pack, Beverly Trustum, Linda Munroe, Christene Skerritt, Marilyn Judd, Barbara Smith, Gillian Manwaring. I was Janet Walsingham in those days. Love to hear from anyone who remembers those times. Good and bad.

Miss Gilbert taught me RE. and English, quite scary at times but a good teacher. She also got married in my 4th year (1962) but we still had to call her Miss Gilbert.

1958/62 Miss Hurst was Headmistress and scared us girls to death, she scoured the corridors waiting to pounce on anyone that was near. Although my class in the 4th year made fun of her in the Christmas play when she had Gout. (Actually she took it as good fun) I can remember the girl who played the part, but not her name, love to hear if anyone can remember.

I was brought up in 82 Bonny Downs Road from the age of 7 in 1949 through to circa 1960 when my family moved to 11 Pickering Avenue to facilitate the demolition and redevelopment of the properties in that area. I have some great memories. But my one regret in life is letting a very beautiful young (...Read full memory)

My Father Jack Fitch was born 1939 Manor Park. He trained at East Ham boxing club and went on to become ABA Heavyweight champion twice in the early sixties. He also worked at the Royal Albert Docks ,I remember him taking me one day and being on the Quay side as the cranes were unloading the ships, dangerous for a kid of (...Read full memory)

I have very good memories of EHTC Art Department. I did a 3 year graphic design diploma course there from 1966 to 1969. I was only 16 at the time and everything was new to me.It changed my way of thinking. The lecturers were very good as were the other students many whose names I still remember. At the of end of the 3 years age19 I qualified as general illustrator. Colin

My father Leonard Duffield was brought up in the family home at 52 St Bartholomews Road. His father and uncle owned and ran a wholesale and retail bakery business H & GS Duffield which had a shop in High Street South along with delivering to bakers shops across London. In late 1944 whist my dad was (...Read full memory)

We moved into Nelson Street in 1989, it was a council house with old electrics. At night we use to freeze to death because the heating was so bad. It took us a long time to make it into a nice warm home. I use to love the neighbours, on one side we had a Sri Lankan Family and on the other a really kind family who gave me lots (...Read full memory)