Old Maps of Easton Royal

Historic Maps of Easton Royal and the local area.

Memories of Easton Royal

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My Greatgrand parents lived in Easton Royal all their lives, Robert & Harriett Waite. Robert being born in 1867 was brought up by an uncle,he later met and married Harriett Frankam, and they raised 10 children in number 26 Easton Royal. I first remember going there with my brother to stay for a week or 2 in the (...Read full memory)

My Great Aunt Alice Reynolds owned this cottage and ran the Village Post Office from here, until 1971.  This explains why there is a telephone box in the garden!   My mum and her two sisters were evacuated here in the war, then my mum and dad honeymooned in the cottage when they got married. I stayed here sometimes (...Read full memory)