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Caption for Ellesmere Port, Station Road C1955: This view looks along Station Road at its junction with Westminster Road (on the left) and Meadow Lane. The Westminster Bank building (left) still stands, but it is now occupied by a bookmaker's. The buildings on the right of Station Road, which include the Hippodrome, Barclays Bank and the Public Library, have all been demolished.

Memories of Ellesmere Port, Station Road c1955

Born 1955,lived in princes road,so many happy memories of growing up there....the "Olympic stores"nose pressed against the glass looking at all the things we could'nt afford,playing football and being chased off the bowling green at the back of the princes hotel by the landlord Sam White,the hot summer (...Read full memory)

Name: T. Pearce Born: 1955 School: Stanney high sport: E/Port School boys Family/Friends: Holdings, Pearce,s. Clarks. Stokes. Now: Thailand Any old friends out there

My wife Margaret and myself started a bakery and shop in part of what had been 'The Manchester House'. We had a small gas oven, a 10 qt mixer and a pie blocker and that was about it! One Easter we made 500 hot cross buns in that small domestic oven and sold them very quickly. There was so much steam coming from the oven (...Read full memory)

A large wooden hall was built on land behind Mr and Mrs Chrime's house in Milton Road and we had a street party for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I remember seeing bits of the ceremony on someone's TV (we didn't own one) and it being very grainy, and all the 'old' women (probably in (...Read full memory)

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