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Urban Life

Lively street scenes of favourite UK towns & cities.

Memories of Folkestone

Message on clock reads, "Trifle not, thy time is short"

So much has changed here, it was Newington farmland. I know it is good to get across to France but it has spoilt the countryside.

Memories? Many! Worked on the refurbishment of some of the shops on the left of the picture. Often went to the 'pictures' at the Central Cinema in George lane up the top. My late wife worked as secretary for the manager of Plummers at the top. Pre WW2 we used to play up and down the High Street and up onto (...Read full memory)

In 1969 I,remember my husband and myself being managers of Morrelis Coffee bar in the high street. Taking the baby for a walk down the old harbour in the summer,and listening to the band on the Leas at weekends. Went back a few years ago and didn't recognise the place. Everything changes and not always for the good.

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