Memories of Formby, Holmwood School c1965

I was the first stooge to work at Holmwood (for one year in 1975). I was 18 and come over from Australia for a gap year between secondary school and law school. My nickname, or at least one of them, was Mr Tuckeroo. I lived in the bachelor masters’ residence, Netherby House. It was a (...Read full memory)

I was at Holmwood from 1951 to 56. I would like to find David Glass' history.

I have many memories of my time at Holmwood School. I joined as a day boy in 1968, when the Headmaster was David Glass and I left around 1973 when the Headmaster was Johnny Clegg. I remember the trips we had in the old school bus to Formby sands and Freshfield woods to see the red squirrels. My days at Holmwood were (...Read full memory)

I was looking for a Holmwood Old Boys site when I found this one. I spent the years between 1951 and 1958 at Netherby and Holmwood, and they were the happiest school days ever. Having followed my father's footsteps to Holmwood, I had to achieve the same level in sport. Each afternoon we either played soccer, rugby or cricket (...Read full memory)

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