Old Maps of Frimley Green

Historic Maps of Frimley Green and the local area.

St Andrews Church must have been at least a mile and a half from the Worseley Road council Estate where we lived from 1951 until 1960 at Hillside Crescent. From a very young age a group of us would walk there and back on a Sunday afternoon to attend Sunday School. My sister Moira was christened there in 1956. The (...Read full memory)

My father Eric Martin was a teacher at Burrowhill in the fifties where he met and married my mother Evelyn Stones, who worked as a cook at the school. At the time Mr. Rees was the headmaster, I remember Mr. Jarman, and Jess and Renee Bellis. My parents and the Bellis's kept in touch over the decades and (...Read full memory)