Old Maps of Froggatt

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Memories of Froggatt

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I lived in Froggatt from the year I was born,1942, to 1956. My grandmother, Mrs McDonald, ran the shop in the village. I attended Curbar Primary School, a gang of us used to walk it there and back every day, come rain, snow or shine. Passing my 11+ saw me moved to Lady Manners Grammar School in Bakewell where I was to (...Read full memory)

The first time I saw Stoke Hall was in late 1947, I and my parents were returning from India, having spent the time there since 1939. We arrived at Liverpool on the good ship 'Georgic', travelled by train to Grindleford then Teddy White's blue bus to the top of Froggett Lane which is at the side of Stoke Hall, the field at (...Read full memory)