Glasgow, St Enoch Station Hotel 1897

Memories of Glasgow

Apart from a weekend visit to see a football match some ten years earlier I had never been to Glasgow so you can imagine that it came as something of a shock to be offered an attractive job in the city in 1975. My prospective employers were keen to impress me so they flew me from Heathrow to Glasgow (...Read full memory)

I worked in Glasgow for the best part of 16 years with the Wallis Fashion Company, who I am still with but in a different location. I would love to hear from anyone who also worked with the company over the years, but I would also like to find any information regarding my great-grandfather. My papa never realy spoke (...Read full memory)

My family used to travel from the countryside of Lanarkshire into Glasgow almost every weekend to visit our Granda in Carnwadric. I loved going from the centre of town out to Carnwadric in the tram and being able to 'turn' the seats for its return journey. Happy days.

I trained in Glasgow Western during the reign of Miss Maimie Miller who was the Matron at that time - in the mid 1960s - she was followed by Miss Humphries. I have fond memories of that lovely big hospital - and of the smell in the conservatory which led to the nurses home. I regret losing my hospital scarf which was (...Read full memory)

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