Old Maps of Great Tarpots

Historic Maps of Great Tarpots and the local area.

I was born in Pitsea in 1949. My parents lived at The Bracknell, Rectory Road. I tried to trace it some years ago with my brother, but sadly could find no trace. I was christened at St Michael's church and my Godmother was Martha Kemp. Again sadly, I can find no trace but would so love to hear from anyone who knew of my family (Marshall). Best wishes, Bella

I enjoyed reading the memories of the shops at Tarpots. I started work at Tarpots post office as a fifteen year old in January 1949. First for Mrs Palmer for about two years, then for Harry Smith, a lovely man. I stayed there until 1956. I went to work for Mr Smith again in the late sixties until my husband, our three sons (...Read full memory)