Hayfield, Market Street c.1950

Memories of Hayfield

I can remember swimming here as a child. It was very beautiful and tranquil. It was also unique. I have tried to explain to my daughter what it was like and found your picture on the web site. It is sad also to see photos of it in a disused state. There will never be such a nice place near us like this one. Can anyone tell (...Read full memory)

Does anyone have any memories about going to the Kozy Cinema In Hayfield, especially about what the cinema was like and the films being shown at the time.

I remember Father Christmas arriving on the steam train at Hayfield station. He then went to the village hall, where lucky children who had the penny or two which it cost, could see him and get a present. I used to wait on the platform with my brother and all the other children. My brother once told me to (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember when Dad's Army played cricket in Hayfield and Godfrey's trousers fell down when he ran?

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