Greensward Secondary School 1966 To 1971 - a Memory of Hockley.

So many memories of this place, too many to include here!
Going to the "big" school was quite daunting, however I soon was to become so inspired by what I saw there. The first days were spent being fearful of the Head Mr. Creevy (aka Creepy), who walked around the school with a sawn-off cane up his sleeve... and wasn't afraid to use it! His partner in crime (more feared by the girls), was Miss Cardy (aka Rubberlegs - due to her voluminous gastrocnemius and soleus muscles showing from her below knee skirt). However I must say in their defence that if you kept on the right side of them they could be really friendly and helpful.... if they were in the right mood.

My inspiration came from the wonderful staff in the woodwork shop (Mr. Milson), the metalwork shop (Mr. Taylor* and Mr. Markham), Art (Mrs Sylvester), Maths (Mr. Furnace.. though my spelling may not be right), PE (Mr. Tombs). Unfortunately I cannot remember at this time who the excellent team were in Physics and Chemistry. Another Mr. Taylor ran the Technical Drawing classes, where I also seemed to spent most of my spare time shared with the PE /gymnastics classes.

*When I arrived and saw the display of model aircraft engines in the metalworkshop window, I decided I was going to make something like that. Mr. Taylor was an amazing chap.. who also made his own design of pilotable aircraft called the "Taylor Tot". Unfortunately on one of his test flights at Southend, things went horribly wrong, he crashed, and was no more. He was sorely missed by the school, but Mr. Markham stepped in and ran the shop from thereon (apart from a brief break when he took a cricket ball to the cranium at the end-of year students and staff cricket match.

Too many memories, and a great school that served me well. Maybe I'll share some more, some time.

A memory shared by Graham Rousell on Aug 6th, 2018.
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Thu Nov 14th 2019, at 2:48 am
Graham Rousell commented:
Hi David and Gail.
Fantastic to hear from you! Brilliant memory from you side and corrections! I might have responded sooner except the notification got lost in my spam folder.
It really seems that you were much more aware of the interpersonal "goings-on" than I was, but yes, thanks for reminding me of the biscuits behind the map.... and how he would often yell "Rousell, get out of your b$%%^y seat and stand outside!" Thanks too for reminding me of the Warren's, which prompted me to remeber the physics teacher Mr. Maize. I never recall that name for Tombs (or shall I say even aware of any persuasion), but from what I picked up elsewhere it seems I may have missed something about life in my sheltered upbringing.
Of course the library... I wonder what the wonderful Tina is doing now? :-)
Do you remember miss Ellis (Music)? I seem to recall related to Steve Ellis of the Love Affair.
We are in Warwickshire now, and the family has increased to five Grandchildren. If ever you are this way please feel free to look me up.
Sun Oct 20th 2019, at 10:02 pm
dmiall commented:
Hi Ratty! Creevy’s nick name was Golly Fuzz, a completely maniacal sadistic bastard in my opinion. Fortunately I never got in the wrong side of him either but today he would probably be locked up!! Tombs nicknamed “Poof” PE, would probably be there in the cell with him! Mrs Warren Chemistry a super star! Moore or “Reakus” TD nice guy with halitosis. Mrs Warren’s son was Art and English. Mr Osbourne English and library as you will certainly remember, a fantastic teacher. Mr Loben was History and PE, another maniac. Miss Taylor PE with the Welsh chap Mr Mallet in the green tracksuit who was also a physics teacher. “Buck tooth” McConell? in French was possibly knocked up by the other French teacher another Mr Davies “Hippy” if I remember correctly. Mr Davies (Chalky) music, a complete coward, he once queued me in playing the trumpet in assembly at the same time Creevy was about to start speaking then denied he had done so and blamed me! Another Mr Davies (Neck) Geography who used to drink coffee from a flask behind the word map but didn’t consider his shadow was projected by the sun coming through the window onto the map. Bloody hilarious!! Geography was also taught by poor Mr Furlong who had zero control over his classes, was consistently locked in his cupboard until he lost his marbles and left. Bulbeck who fancied himself something rotten was another English teacher. I agree Milson, Wilson and Markham were all amazing teachers. That’s about all I can remember.
Gail Lawrance you may remember, also a librarian at the same time as us, and I are very happily married and living in Sevenoaks.

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