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Memories of Hoddesdon

does anyone remember carters shoe shop 1n the 1960s and the family

Would like to hear from any of my old classmates. I now live in Bognor Regis. I am always thinking of my first 20 years in Hoddesdon - the war years, the Vi's and V2's, my years at Burford St. School. Hope someone will remember me. Stuart Jenkins

Does anyone remember Meadows Supermarket in The High Street in the 1960s?

Yes I recall this well. The main attraction was that I could put my feet into a special xray machine to see 'the fit' of a shoe. One's toes could be seen wriggling. No doubt v dangerous but a child has no conception of that. So far I have not developed leukaemia which is an added bonus. Didn't Sally Seaton work there (latterly Mrs Brekaflak).

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