Old Maps of Kirkburton

Historic Maps of Kirkburton and the local area.

I was amazed to come across this photograph. I lived at 7 The Crescent Kirkburton, from 1948 to 1966 and this is a photograph of our house. We lived next door to the Midgeley family and the Tunnicliffe family. David Broadbent lived a couple of doors away. I went to Highburton School and then to Mirfield Grammar (...Read full memory)

Seeing the familiar stance of Willie Jenks reminds me of the Saturdays when I walked from Shelley Lane with my mate Malcolm 'Pinger' Fitton to get our hair cut. We sat waiting for what seemed an eternity to an eight year-old and when eventually I sat in the chair, facing a large mirror with sink under it, Willie was too (...Read full memory)