Old Maps of Llandanwg

Historic Maps of Llandanwg and the local area.

Memories of Llandanwg

Read and share your memories of Llandanwg itself or of a particular photo of Llandanwg.

I can remember the church being engulfed in sand and unloved by everyone. I have explored this church, albeit unofficially, with a friend of mine who lived in Llanfair village. His name is Emyr, whom I met when I started at Harlech secondary school, we had some good times at this church, which had also been a (...Read full memory)

I was visiting Llandanwg from 1958 until 1965. We used to stay in Dorwyn, which then was a green shed bungalow owned by Mrs Pearce, she used to work with my father and we used to go down sometimes twice a year. We used to walk to the top of the road nearly every night to watch the sunset as my father is (...Read full memory)