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Memories of Llantrisant

I was a World War II evacuee, and after a short "phony war" trip to Northampton, when the Blitz began I was sent to Llantrisant. I have nothing but warm memories of the town. I was thee years old and billeted with an appropriately named "Mrs Rock". After a short stay in Cross inn Road, I was billeted with a (...Read full memory)

In 1965 I met Gaynor Beatrice Jenkins in Ettlingen, Germany. She worked for the Sewing Factory in Llantrisant and was on a work assignment in Ettlingen , Germany. She was one of twin daughters to Gordon Llewelyn Jenkins and Winfred Birch Jenkins. Her twin sister is Gillian Jenkins. We were married on September (...Read full memory)

My first memory of Llantrisant is when I was just becoming 16 and I had decided to hitch hike to Llantrisant to see a girl I had met at the Frasiethorpe Eilm chuch youth camp, which I did and our relationship lasted a few months, I went into the RAF and we drifted apart - young love is such a fickle thing!

This is the Llantrisant of my memory. The Llantrisant I first saw in January 1966. I married Gaynor Beatrice Jenkins, daughter of Winifred and Gordon Jenkins. We were married on September 23rd. 1966. She passed away to cancer on September 6, 2004. I always called her, with deep affection , my Flower of Wales. She was the very beat of my heart and I love and miss her so.............................

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