Old Maps of Lostwithiel

Historic Maps of Lostwithiel and the local area.

Memories of Lostwithiel

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This photo shows (just) the shop unit (on the right behind the post boy on the pavement, currently the Londis store) which I believe formerly housed famous Cornish mineral dealer Richard Talling's "Fancy Repository" (Mineral shop) from around 1844 until his death in 1883. I would very much like to (...Read full memory)

Packed off to Lostwithiel in the train from Paddington and found myself living in the Black Prince's Castle - Restormal. Well not quite, the farm on the Estate. I was baptised in St Winnow C.of E Church as part of our peregrinations and ended up living on Bodmin Hill in one of the terraced houses near the top (...Read full memory)