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Memories of Macclesfield

It was early summer in 1967 when suffering from a 'mental breakdown' I was admitted into Macc in the middle of the night, horror upon horror me and my mates had often talked about and even took the piss out of this place even though we lived over the hill in Buxton, (...Read full memory)

My 3rd Great Grandfather, Sylvester Smith, was admitted to Parkside Asylum, Macclesfield in 1889 where he remained until he passed away in 1901. He would have been residing there at the time the picture was taken.

In 1997 I worked for a company calles SES security where I was a security officer at Parkside. Over my time there I became fascinated with the layout of the site and spent many many months walking the length and breadth of every building there. I have to say that the main building with the clock tower was one of (...Read full memory)

My grandma, Mary Bowers, worked at Parkside Hospital in the 60's & was there the day Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon in 1969. Mum talks of Grandma & how she found it so funny as the patients were all sat round to see the 'The first man walk on the moon'. One patient, my grandma told mum, said (...Read full memory)

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