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Memories of Nottingham

I was born in 1951 and lived in Leicester St, St Ann's up until August 1967 when the family moved to Bestwood Park.Whilst living in St Ann's I had put up with an outside toilet,no central heating and no running hot water.What a luxury it was to live in Bestwood Park!!!

I remember the flying horse hotel I have fond memories of my auntie Kath working in the hotel kitchen at 8 years of age I'd go down the allyway at the side and tap on a window through the metal grid with a pencil run down the allyway and round into the back of the hotel where the turntable for cars were auntie would (...Read full memory)

This photo shows my great grandfather's shop, nearly opposite the one owned by Jesse Boot. The shop has (on the left hand side of the photo) the name S. Page (Samuel Page) just above the wooden statue of Jonas Hanway holding an umbrella and the name of the shop was Hanway House; Samuel Page being an Umbrella (...Read full memory)

I think it was 1953 and I was 10yrs. I was at the Bentink Road Scool and as I remember, the schools in Nottingham entered a dancing team and we practiced for weeks. Our practice was in the St. Michaels Church hall, opposite our school. I still have the photo and remember (...Read full memory)

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