Old Maps of Pembroke Dock

Historic Maps of Pembroke Dock and the local area.

Memories of Pembroke Dock

Read and share your memories of Pembroke Dock itself or of a particular photo of Pembroke Dock.

As a six year old in 1949 I was taken to Pembroke Dock to visit my Grandparents, from whom we were almost estranged. My only memory of the visit is looking out of the upstairs window above their butcher’s shop and being aware of the window being a ‘floating’ bay window. I have this week, in (...Read full memory)

I have wonderful memories of Pembroke Dock. We used to holiday there once a year at my mothers aunts. The first memories i have of holidaying there was in 1947 when I was 8 years old. The poor old town had taken a real battering during the war years and I remember asking my brother who is 6 years older (...Read full memory)