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Memories of Pontycymer

Really strange looking at the photo of Oxford St circa 1955.  It took me some minutes to work out that I was looking at the old Post Office from the Square.  I remember the railings outside the Post Office.  I guess it's all changed now but it was a lovely place in which to grow up.  No-one locked their (...Read full memory)

I was born in Victoria Street (no;146) my father was a "Garw" boy his name was Alan Fudge and married my mum Hilary around 1960-62, we lived in Victoria st, until around 1973. I had a really good friend who lived across the road from us and her name was Pamela Hatch, I remember as a young girl having sleep (...Read full memory)

My mother Joan Marion Jones nee Gibson from Nantyrychain Terrace worked in the Home and Colonial Stores (on the right hand side of this photo) during the war and has many memories and stories, especially about rationing. She also knows many of the shops. Starting on the left corner was Peglers (grocer) - now a Chinese, (...Read full memory)

This photograph has changed little I think apart from the demolishing of the public toilets on the right. The wooden notice board on the railings advertised the weekly films featured in the "Mem" and always drew my attention as I walked past it. The Squirrel is visible just up from the post office and was formerly called (...Read full memory)

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