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Art Deco
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Art Deco

Our archivist's pick of photos depicting this unmistakable architectural style which originated in the 1920s.

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Caption for Porthcawl, New Continental Café 1938: Note the two interested spectators observing the photographer from the balcony of this café. Slightly reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco-style architecture, this was doubtless a popular destination for those in need of refreshment.

Memories of Porthcawl

My best memories of Porthcawl are when my gran (Mrs Gwen Ware) was alive, she lived at Elm Cottage, in New Road. I was very young in the early 1970s to the very early 1980s. Grampy used to take me to the park and Coney Beach, and every Christmas there used to be a Christmas tree in the centre of the New Road roundabout. (...Read full memory)

My husband Stan Waite went to this camp when he was in homes in Aberdare - Llucoed. They had entertainment; after breakfast we peeled potatoes to help with dinner, after which the tuck shop opened and we bought an ice-cream, 2-3 pennies. We played on the beach, had a good time.

We stayed in a small caravan the first holiday we had in Porthcawl during the miners fortnight holiday in June many years ago. Other wise it would be day or afternoon trips to Porthcawl and other seaside resorts along the South Wales coast . Playing on the beach at Porthcawl but to go there we had to put nice clothes on on our (...Read full memory)

My wife's maiden name was Madeleine Sanderson (Bee), her memories are as follows. Before her parents moved to Porthcawl they kept a caravan at Trecco House owned by Mrs Pearce her son Tom, daughter-in-law Dorothy and granddaughter Audrey. Audrey, Maddy, Noah and Basil played together and used to sit on the front wall of (...Read full memory)

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