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Memories of Princes Risborough

I remember spending my pocket money in Adcocks and Percivals, at the top of Duke Street. He had a terrific range of toys for a small town shop, from toy soldiers to model railways. He had a working model railway set up upstairs, which when connected I would play with for a while. The Copper Urn Cafe for a (...Read full memory)

I was born in Princes Risborough and fondly remember as a young boy going into the shop with the bay window (shown on the right of your picture) to buy sweets and giggle at the young girls. The shop was known locally as 'Blue Kettle Jacks' although it was properly known, I think, as The Old Blue Kettle.

With regards to this photo, I think if my memory serves me right it is Duke Street looking back from what was Benyons garage to the Market Square, I remember there used to be three butchers shops in this street alone!

Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, and this country's involvement in the Second World War began. German air-raids and gas attacks were expected imminently, and many children were evacuated out of the cities to the relative safety of the countryside, including my (...Read full memory)

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