Ripon, Cathedral Screen 1935

Memories of Ripon

I wonder how many people are still around who went to Ripon girls high school in the 1950s. I was sad to see its decline and wonder who now owns the former school. I remember Marlene Blackburn,Jean Abbott,Christine hardcastle,veronica Coates,Janet Nicholson,Janet Thompson,Pamela Julian and many others in that year,Jean (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Ethel Marsden nee Storey and Herbert Storey who lived at 2 and 3 Whitehouses, Barefoot Street, Ripon before their homes were demolished to make way for the flats in the 1960s. As a girl, Ethel Storey lived in Todds Court, Ripon, with her four siblings and parents, James and Louisa Storey, next door to the (...Read full memory)

Our family talked about an ancestor who owned Lickley Street and who drank himself to death along with his butler. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

No memory really but lived in 15 North Road with older brother Paul and older sister Sylvia. My mother was Edna Elizabeth Foster and lived with her mother and stepfather, Charles Barker. My brother seems to remember the boy next door called Malcolm but he was only 5 or 6 when my mother married and we moved to Penny Pot Lane (...Read full memory)

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