Memories of Salisbury

Does anyone out there remember the appalling air crash in The Valley, Bemerton Heath. If so, I would be interested to hear further comments and stories. I was very young at the time maybe 3 years of age. I was playing in the garden located in The Valley and it was a beautiful day. (...Read full memory)

In the early seventies, I was a student at Sarum St Michael College of Education in the Cathedral Close. The weekends were incredibly boring, with nothing to do and nowhere to have fun. Until, a friend asked me if I would like to work as a "Serving Wench",at Medieval Banquets hosted at the Bay Tree (...Read full memory)

Nice to see that not a lot has chnaged since this photo was taken to what it is like to day. More cars and people now of course.

Salisbury in the 1960's was a good place to be if you wanted to meet interesting people.The place to go was the Cadena Cafe - sandwiched between Style and Gerrish, and the Chough. One now (sort of) famous person who frequented the dark reaches of that cafe is the writer and food critic Jonathan Meades. The Bus (...Read full memory)

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