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Memories of Shoreham-By-Sea

I was born at 42 Stanley Avenue Portslade, on 21st July 1944. We moved to Shoreham after the war and Dad ran a small transport cafe, which, last time I visited it was a bookmakers called Sargeant Harris. Next door was a cafe called Grub'n'stuff, where my sister and I used to go (...Read full memory)

I remember the pram/toy shop on the corner, there was also a fabric shop - I think it was where Famished sandwich bar was (can't remember what it is called now..) I could buy a piece of fabric, 'a remnant for 2 shillings' and make my then 2 year old daughter a dress that (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember a plane crashing into a front garden in Buckingham Road on Friday 13 March 1964? It was in the garden of a house on the right-hand side as you go down the road, approximately opposite No 54. I was married the following day and was driven from The Drive down Buckingham Road to St Marys Church, (...Read full memory)

My family rented a summer holiday bungalow in Shoreham starting I think, around 1957 when I was 4 and continued until the early 1960's. My parents, three older brothers, an elderly aunt and our cat, Peter. I remember having to carry Peter over the pebbles to a garden area where he could do his business, he would (...Read full memory)

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