Old Maps of Spratton

Historic Maps of Spratton and the local area.

Hi, name Theobald, we - mother Ivy, 3 kids (Mavis, Fred, Ivy) lived in North Bank House in 1939, we were evacuated from London with Aunt Ada Smith, Uncle Vic and Aunt May. We went to the village school, went back to London in 1949 or 1948. We had a big goat called Mary, she butted all who came to the house, (...Read full memory)

To the left of this picture was a cul-de-sac called Sandhills.  My Aunty Grace and uncle and family lived here, so did my mother Margaret Anderson at some stage and later various cousins.  Down the bottom to the right was the original local shop (known Gammidges? when my Mother was small) owned by (...Read full memory)