Old Maps of St Endellion

Historic Maps of St Endellion and the local area.

Memories of St Endellion

Read and share your memories of St Endellion itself or of a particular photo of St Endellion.

I lived for many years at St. Endellion, and have many memories of the church, I was told that my father, Donald Strout, as a boy used to take water for the church boiler to the boiler house. He was born in the 1920s. As a child I can remember being in the Sunday School plays at Christmas. I also remember the wonderful (...Read full memory)

In this old and wonderful church I was baptised, went to Sunday school and was confirmed, and every time I enter it I am in awe and feel my ancesters all around me.  Being born and brought up in Trelights, my mother was a Brown and the Browns were the village carpenters with a workshop in the heart of the (...Read full memory)