Memories of Streatham

My family moved from Clapham to Streatham in the early fifties. My mother opened a Greengrocers shop in Sunnyhill Road and sent me to the local primary school which I did not like, so I then attended St. Helens School for Girls, walking there along Valley Road every morning. Miss Tarry and Miss (...Read full memory)

Memories: What happened to my youth in Streatham. Was born in 1942, raised on Hambro Road three doors down from the dust yard back of the ice rink. Educated Eardley Road, Balham "Borstal" High School, Brixton school of Building First "job" paper route for Mrs Kimbers Sweet Shop. Delivered to houses on Hambro, (...Read full memory)

Born in 1947, I grew up on Babington Road, Streatham. I remember the Home Guard a few houses up and Robin Hanson and I would play on the search lights left over from the war when we were four or five. There were three bombed houses on our road all at the top near Ambleside Ave where we would (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of growing up in Leverson St, not far from Mitcham Lane where our local shops were. I went to Eardley Rd School & then on to Dunraven Secondary School. Spent a lot of my teenage yrs at the Locarno, Bowling Alley & Streatham Ice Rink. One of my favourite places has always been The Rookery (...Read full memory)

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