Streatham, Common, The Grove 1904

Memories of Streatham

Can anyone help please. My father found 2 boxes of slide film at a Carboot sale just recently and would love to pass these back to their owners. The slides of around 700 show ballroom dancing at the Locarno in and around the 1950s there are names on the slides .....Maureen Flood/Charles Flood. (...Read full memory)

In 1973 I became the general manager of Streatham Hill Theatre, managing the Mecca Social/Bingo club. It was the flagship club of the company and was every manager's dream to run it. Previous managers were Robin Pritchard, Harvey Pritchard and Pat Button but the most popular was Don Fox. He would always sing to (...Read full memory)

I remember going to the Lacarno Ballroom, I met a very nice guy there. My firend and I did alot of dancing. I have very fond memories of this place.

I have just read Jans comments about the Finch Family. Johnny Finch is my uncle, Elsie Finch was my wonderful nan, Jean Finch is my mum. Rosie Finch sadly passed away, but Georgie Finch (her husband) is still alive. Elsie finch (the eldest daughter) is well and Denis, the youngest of the children. My name (...Read full memory)

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