Old Maps of Watford

Historic Maps of Watford and the local area.

We moved to Watford in 1943. My war time memories are of night after night in the shelters, the "doodle bugs" and the boys playing Germans and soldiers on the bomb site next door. My special memories are of Cassiobury Park where we used to watch the barges on the Grand Union Canal, in 1947 tobogganing down the "Pudding Bowl" on (...Read full memory)

My name is Richard Chivers and I was born in 1961 at Sycamore Close off Park Avenue Bushey, my first school was Highwood junior my teacher was Mrs Brickhill, funny how you can remember someone's name over 50 years ago. My mates I used to play with where my neighbour Andy Mills, last known to be living in New Zealand, (...Read full memory)