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Memories of Wendover

I remember leaving Ilford with my parents September1940 as my father thought serious raids would begin soon. We were not able to find any accommodation until we arrived at Bacombe Lodge on the London Road in Wendover and my mother and I were shown up to an attic father left immediately to return to (...Read full memory)

I recall a huge thermometer erected on the clock tower, it was graduated in pounds sterling with a picture of a Spitfie at the top> We children, and of course the rest of the Wendover community subscribed as much as we could as often as we could in order to puchase our very own Spitfire, as Wendover's contribution to the war (...Read full memory)

My late Sister Daphne Hemmings owned No 3 Coldharbour Cottage. She passed it on to her son Jimmy Hemmings. I have fond memories of visiting her and staying awhile in these fascinating dwellings. You wouln't want to be six-foot plus with the low doorways plus the low beams, you would crack your head on the oak (...Read full memory)

I used to go to Wendover Primary School when it was situated beside the clock tower. The head master was then H. J. Figg Edgington. I began in Mrs Tott's class, then Mrs Connolly's, then Mr Spencer's, then Gertrude Agatha Jones's. It was the best time there. We would walk the Heron Path on nature walks, down (...Read full memory)

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