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Dorset Photographic Memories

Dorset Photographic Memories

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Caption for Wimborne, Square 1904: Wimborne was for centuries an important agricultural and commercial centre. This picture of the Square shows the Crown Hotel, an old coaching house, forced to offer every attraction from livery to billiards, as the road network suffered during the dominant days of the railway.

An extract from Dorset Photographic Memories.

Memories of Wimborne, Square 1904

My wife was born in the crown tap in 1959 her parents i believe were the last tennants of the pub. One of the stained glass windows was on display in the priest house musem.

Ingram Richards was my grandfather. My father (John) was the only child of Ingram to emigrate (in 1927) to Australia. Dad died in 1978. I am a former Australian regular army officer and visited Wimborne on a couple of occasions in the 1970s while on exchange in Germany with the British Army and later when (...Read full memory)

Apart from lack of traffic, this picture of the Square doesn't show too many changes from when I remember it. I left Wimborne Grammar School in 1951 and became a trainee reporter with the Wimborne News in Mill Lane, just outside this photo to the right. My dad was a waiter at the Kings Head Hotel in the square.

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