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We moved to Watford in 1943. My war time memories are of night after night in the shelters, the "doodle bugs" and the boys playing Germans and soldiers on the bomb site next door. My special memories are of Cassiobury Park where we used to watch the barges on the Grand Union Canal, in 1947 tobogganing down the "Pudding Bowl" on the (...Read full memory)

My name is Richard Chivers and I was born in 1961 at Sycamore Close off Park Avenue Bushey, my first school was Highwood junior my teacher was Mrs Brickhill, funny how you can remember someone's name over 50 years ago. My mates I used to play with where my neighbour Andy Mills, last known to be living in New Zealand, and (...Read full memory)

I'm looking to find any information on behalf of my mother, Jenny Sturgess who lived in Garston, went to Francis Coombe school and was the cousin of the Tickner family. Her parents were Michael (Mick) and Yvonne Sturgess (nee Perry) and they lived on Harris Road in Garston at the time of her birth in 1966 (...Read full memory)

I was born in Vicarage road 1943. There was a butcher named Jim Bound there. In later years the shop dealt in Montesa motorcycles. I knew Mr Bound and his three daughters. Barbara, Julia and Patricia. A late addition was baby James (Jamie). I believe Barbara married Alex Loose and Julia married Roy Phillips but would like to know (...Read full memory)

Lived in Watford 1948 to 1953 on Westfield Ave I remember going to a film I seem to think a Mario Lanza one with my sister & lots of other children then all crossing the road to a party at a pub opposite. I have pictures of us all crossing the road including one of my Dad holding up the traffic & two pictures of us enjoying the party sat at long tables

Used to go to The Trade, Top Rank, Clockhouse, New Penny & Pickwick club in the 60's and early 70's before I left blighty to go to NZ and Oz. Wound up in Perth, Western Australia and am still there. Knocked about with a guy called Barry Machin who was better known as Harry Munchkins before he took off to Torquay. (...Read full memory)

My father Basil Leader was manager of the Co-op Funeral service which used to be the site of the Angel Inn and we lived in a maisonette above the premises. At the back were two branches of the river Colne - a fast flowing millstream where I used to catch crayfish and see kingfishers and a slower branch that (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of this part of the town - I worked in Cawdells as a Saturday girl on the switchboard - great fun when you're 15! My mum bought all our bedlinen and other useful items in their January sales. My teens were spent visiting friends in the area and going to the Top Rank in the evenings for a good dance to Gino (...Read full memory)

Hi, I am desperately looking for old photographs of north Watford, particularly around 1975 onward, I looking for areas like Bruce Grove, St Albans Road or around these areas. Please could someone get in touch. Thank you.

Hello, my name is Rhonda. This isn't a memory but I'm looking for someone very special that my mum lost contact with back in 1981; his name was Merrick (I think surname was something like Dowel). Merrick is a very rare name and he was meant to have worked in a pub or something like that. If anyone has any (...Read full memory)